What We Do

When a new Hedgehog is brought into the rescue they are admitted and have a thorough check up including but not limited to:

  • Establishing sex
  • Being weighed
  • Checked for Ticks
  • Checked for Fleas
  • Checked for wounds and injuries
  • Establishing if a vet visit is necessary
  • Being placed with a cosy fleece blanket in an incubator if necessary
  • Starting a medication regime if necessary
  • Spending time in a respirator unit if necessary

The hedgehog is then named, usually by their rescuer, a health chart is created for them, and they are assigned a room, sometimes with a roommate, in the Hedgehog Rescue Lodgings.

Every morning, 365 days of the year, dedicated volunteers work hard to make sure each and every hedgehog is weighed, has new clean bedding, fresh food, fresh water, and has any medications and other treatments or therapies needed for their rehabilitation.

Every Hedgehog will continue to be cared for in this way until it is well enough to be released back into the wild, at the safest time and location for the hedgehog.  This includes any necessary treatment from our trusted and regular vet.

Sadly, we cannot save every hedgehog, and sometimes we do need to make difficult decisions.  However, euthanasia is always a last resort, and every hedgehog is given the best care and treatment possible.  Our aim is to relieve the suffering and distress of hedgehogs in need of care and rehabilitation, whether they are sick, injured, or orphaned.

Our goal is always to rehabilitate hedgehogs with the aim of releasing them back into the wild wherever possible.

Some of the Hedgehogs live in our outdoor lodgings; these are our permanent residents who do not need the same intensive care as those in our indoor rooms but cannot be released back into the wild due to various disabilities.

We have three specialist gardens including an outside area specifically designed to enable amputees or disabled hedgehogs that cannot be safely released back to the wild, to live in natural conditions but be cared for 365 days a year. 

We have had successful mating’s in one of these areas and the young juveniles were released into the wild to help increase the hedgehog population.  Two of the areas have only been up and running for less than a year, so we hope for more success there too! We also have a soft release area with both indoor and outdoor facilities for those ready for release back to the wild.

Any hedgehog brought to us is treated free of charge, although we do appreciate donations which help us continue this important work.

NHRT - Registered Charity No. 1152034