Our Mission

We are looking for more volunteers to help look after our ever growing number of hedgehogs in need of help at the rescue in Longframlington .

If you can give one morning a week, fortnight or month then please get in touch to learn more about what is involved and training.

Please do not use Facebook if you are interested but contact Fiona on nhrthogvolunteer@yahoo.com.

Our Mission

The Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and care for injured and sick hedgehogs with the ultimate aim being to reintroduce healthy hedgehogs back into the wild, or appropriate protected sites.

We also seek to educate the general public in methods of treatment, nursing and conservation of hedgehogs so that these fabulous creatures will be around for the next generation and beyond.

Summer is Here…

*** Gardeners ***

Summer is the time when we want to enjoy out outdoor spaces, have the lawn mown, trees and shrubs trimmed back to look neat and tidy while we lounge in the sun enjoying ourselves.  However, being mindful and taking a good look at where you’re working before you start work on your garden can help to save the lives of many a hedgehog.  A misplaced strimmer or lawn mower can cause serious injuries to a resting, nesting or sleeping hedgehog.  We see too many hedgehogs in the summer with often horrific injuries from garden tools, and unfortunately sometimes with fatal injuries.  These hedgehogs suffer needlessly from their injuries, and they are so easily avoided with some extra care.  Please, please be vigilant with your garden tools and look around before you start working.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Gaunt

Volunteer with us…

Take a look at our “how you can help” section to find out the different ways you can help, from volunteering your time to donating essential items.

Release Sites & Safe Gardens

We aim to release all of the hedgehogs we care for back into their natural habitat in the wild.

Could you provide a release site? It needs to be somewhere where there are already hedgehogs in the area and can wander freely and you should be willing to provide food and water to encourage hedgehogs to visit.

If you think that you could provide a release site, please complete the application below. If your garden is suitable, we will contact you with further details. We may not be able to respond if your garden is not suitable due to time commitments.

*** Hedgehog Release Site Application ***

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We are open 365 days of the year from 9am – 12pm.

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