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15th July 2023

  • Margaret T, who has very kindly supported us for many years now with her generous donations, has arranged delivery of 4 boxes containing 80 pouches of Whiskas poultry in jelly in each one. Thank you so much Margaret for this super donation which is very much appreciated.

12th July 2023

  • We have received more gifts from our Amazon wish list which is lovely. A heat pad arrived with a note saying “My friend Daisy has recently rescued a baby hedgehog (Peter aka Spike) and he’s now joined your rescue. Hope this goes towards helping them” from Charlotte S Very many thanks Charlotte – all these wonderful gifts go a long way to helping our hedgehogs. The second gift was a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly with no donor name unfortunately but we very much appreciate your kindness with so many hungry mouths to feed and large numbers coming in day.
  • We are looking for more volunteers to help look after our ever growing number of hedgehogs in need of help at the rescue in Longframlington . If you can give one morning a week, fortnight or month then please get in touch to learn more about what is involved and training. Please do not use Facebook if you are interested but contact Fiona on

9th July 2023

  • Tania H very kindly sent us a tub of puppy milk, used for feeding small hoglets and also a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly with a note “Thanks for the wonderful work you all do. Hope the puppy milk and cat food pouches are useful” They certainly are Tania as we have a large amount of hedgehogs needing our help at present. Thank you so much for your generosity and helping us with your gift.
  • We also received another megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly but unfortunately it didn’t include the name of the sender. Thank you so much for helping us at such a busy time for us with a large influx of hedgehogs needing help.

4th July 2023

  • Thank you Janet C – we took care of her hedgehog Slim (who is now back home with her) and she had sent us several items recently. The latest received today is AA batteries. So useful Janet. Many thanks.
  • We’ve received a bag of Royal Canin Mother & baby kitten biscuits from Simon S. Simon had an injured hedgehog with us recently, who has now returned home to enjoy foraging on his home patch once again. Very, many thanks for the gift Simon.
  • We thought you would like to share a picture of some of the hedgehogs visiting Christine H’s garden. She puts out food and water nightly and this is her reward – what a super photograph, showing them in an orderly queue. Thank you for sharing Christine.

3rd July 2023

  • Our thanks once again to Jane and Sandra at White Rose Candles for their continued support through donations from the sale of their beautiful hedgehog candles.

24th June 2023

  • A delivery from Amazon contained a heat pad and Dettol with a note saying “Thank you so much for looking after the hoglets Peter, Tom, Benjamin, Flopsy & Mopsy we brought last Sunday. We hope this gift helps to look after all the hedgehogs in your care” from Jonathan & David. Thank you both so much for your gifts which certainly do benefit the many hedgehogs we have here at present. We also received E45 lotion spray with no donor name attached unfortunately but very much appreciate the gift. Thank you.

21st June 2023

  • Many thanks to the very kind person who sent us a heat pad. Unfortunately we do Not have a name of the sender.

17th June 2023

  • Today several gifts arrived from our Amazon wish list, some we are fortunate enough to know who the senders are and others unfortunately not. Sue B very kindly sent us Dettol which we use daily in the cleaning processes and a very important item in our store cupboard. We also received a Sonic Scrubber from Norman which, again, is a very useful piece of equipment in ensuring all the nooks and crannies in the hedgehog cages are spotless. The two items we unfortunately don’t have donor names for are a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly which, as we’ve said previously, is our hedgehogs favourite and remains so. We also received a super set of aluminium step ladders which are crucial in reaching the high spots and very pleased to receive those as our “old” ones are a wee bit past their “sell by” date. To all of you we say a very big thank you for supporting us. We do appreciate your kindness & generosity.
  • We also had an Email from Michelle & Keith at KMT Building Solutions Ltd saying they had placed a very generous donation in our Bank Account as we’re their chosen charity for 2023. They did exactly the same last year after paying us a visit and very much welcome their continued support. Thank you both so much once again – it means a great deal to us.
  • Another Mum & 4 babies arrived today, following someone realising there was a problem in their garden. The babies are about 3/4 weeks old and it was fortunate a problem was spotted fairly quickly and the people made contact with us. Flystrike was evident on the youngsters and quickly dealt with. In this heat it takes very little time for maggots to develop.

15th June 2023

  • Today we received two very welcome gifts from our Amazon wish list. One was Dettol and the other a heat pad but unfortunately no mention of the donor/donors. Very many thanks for your kind donation.
  • We had an unexpected visit today from Jane C from Chatton who had arranged a quiz night in the village and monies raised came to us. I’m sure everyone had a lovely evening and now our hedgehogs are the lucky beneficiaries. Thank you Jane.
  • Any money raised for our hedgehogs ALWAYS goes purely in caring for them and taking care of their needs. We’re very fortunate in having dedicated volunteers who are exactly that and never claim expenses but help purely for the love of the animals. That has always been our policy and will always remain so. We were called to collect a hedgehog recently and, when we arrived to pick it up, found a 2ml syringe containing water lying beside the hedgehog. Unfortunately, by the time we managed to get the hedgehog to the centre, it was extremely limp and foaming at the mouth. The hedgehog has sadly passed away. It is extremely difficult syringing fluids into a hedgehog and so easy for the liquids to get into the lungs. On reflection, although probably done with the best of intentions, it would be better to just offer a shallow dish of rehydration fluids as suggested on our website, under the heading “Emergency” and not attempt to syringe fluids into a sick animal unless you have some medical knowledge. This extremely hot weather is proving a nightmare for wildlife and would please ask people to at least put out water for them and food also if possible, as any natural diet is in very short supply. The ground is extremely hard, as anyone trying to work the ground will be well aware of, and no rain is expected until possibly Monday.

6th June 2023

  • Brian & Karen M paid us a visit yesterday and brought us a very welcome and generous donation. Brian is a market trader form High Heaton and goes to Amble as one of his pitches. He has collected donations regularly for us over many years now and we’re extremely grateful for his & Karen’s support. Thank you both once again.
  • At the moment we are receiving a high volume of hedgehogs who are clearly dehydrated and emaciated. This may well be due to the extended period of dry weather we’re experiencing at the moment and would urge people to please put out food and water for all wildlife. This is also the time of year when female hedgehogs may either be pregnant or have already given birth and really do need all the help we can give them, otherwise they will not be able to provide for their family. We are always very happy to do what we can, but do need your help to allow the hedgehogs to continue living a healthy life in their natural environment – your support can make all the difference as their natural diet will be in very short supply at the moment – please help.

5th June 2023

  • Very many thanks to Norman for sending us a heat mat from our Amazon wish list. The warmth of a heat mat is so beneficial when a hedgehog comes in needing our help.

30th May 2023

  • This is how you get into a locked room

29th May 2023

  • Today we received a call from an Ashington school as a hedgehog nest containing Mum & babies had been accidently disturbed. Some students were tidying up an area where cushions were stored and, although the cushions had been used a few days earlier and the hedgehog wasn’t there then, when lifting the softest, fluffiest cushion a student spotted the hedgehogs and very quickly put the cushion back in place and called the tutor. Following our instructions the hedgehogs were placed on a soft towel in a box, ensuring Mum was rescued first as she could do a runner and the hoglets stand a much better chance if she is taking care of them. As with any animal, her milk is far superior to anything we can offer the babies. She’d given birth to 5 babies, one had sadly died, one doesn’t look terribly good but we’re hopeful 3 will grow into healthy adults to be released at the appropriate time. Credit to the student and the tutor for acting quickly and responsibly. We managed to get a very quick photo of the family prior to settling them in their new home.

24th May 2023

  • Over the past few years we have had a good relationship with Border Reivers Archaeology Unit regarding hedgehogs. They recently heard about a future project we are hoping to bring to fruition and BRA have very kindly offered to sponsor us. Their extremely generous donation is a wonderful offer and we’re extremely grateful for their support. Thank you Border Reivers.

21st May 2023

  • We had a report that a hedgehog was stuck down at trench at the bottom of Granville Drive, Chapel Park, Newcastle. I was looking for it when, thankfully Elaine and her husband Paul came along. Paul spotted the hedgehog trapped between a large valve and the wall of the trench. There was no way I could have freed the hedgehog on my own. Thanks to Paul we eventually managed to get it free. It was not easy. We think the large trench was left uncovered by company putting in broadband If anyone walking that area could please check and let the company know the trench should be covered. Also please if you are in the area look to see if any more hedgehogs have fallen in so they can be rescued. Thank you very much Paul, I could not have managed without your help. Sheila A.
  • A very busy weekend at the rescue. Sheila has already told you about the wonderful Samaritans, Elaine & Paul, who came to her aid this morning whilst trying to rescue a hedgehog from a trench. Holes can so easily be covered – why aren’t they? And how much wildlife doesn’t get spotted and dies an awfully slow and painful death?
  • Sheila had also been called earlier to help a hedgehog caught in a rat trap. No one is quite sure how far the hedgehog had travelled with the trap attached but the person who called us hadn’t put the trap down. Thankfully the hedgehog is now safe and being taken care of but, again, why don’t people check traps twice a day when they put them down?
  • We also had a call from a lady in South Shields who was concerned about a hedgehog which has suddenly appeared on her property. She explained this was the first time she’d seen one in her area and said there wasn’t anywhere nearby where it was obvious hedgehog territory. We suggested the hedgehog be taken to Sheila in North Shields for assessment. Just before she was able to get over to see Sheila, the hedgehog gave birth! The family are all now safely with Sheila who will take excellent care of them until they can all be released.
  • They say it never rains but it pours – how true that is. More hedgehogs also arrived at the Centre over the weekend – and we thought we were going to have an easy time after managing to get all the over Winter hogs successfully released!!
  • Amongst them was one with a broken hind leg unfortunately which has been given the necessary meds until it can be seen by our Vet. Another had been caught in football netting. A couple from Cramlington were at Walbottle Academy near Hexham where their son was playing football, when they spotted a hedgehog caught in the netting. Following our advice, they managed to free the hedgehog and then brought it to us to be cared for. Not only can netting cause internal injuries but a trapped hedgehog may also attract flies at this time of year and soon be covered in thousands of fly eggs which soon hatch into maggots in this heat. This hedgehog has been fortunate but again, may we remind people it is so easy to raise any netting just one foot (30cm) off the ground which would allow any foraging hedgehogs to safely walk underneath and not get caught.
  • On Saturday we received a phone call about a hedgehog which had been caught with a chain saw as the man was clearing pampas grass. Fortunately the call came just as we were about to close and, realising the possible gravity of the situation, we suggested the people bring the hedgehog to us immediately. A strimmer injury can be extremely serious, but a chain saw drags the skin as it tears across the animal and is therefore much more catastrophic. We asked the people to check the area prior to bringing the hedgehog to us as there may have been babies there or even more hedgehogs. As soon as the hedgehog arrived it was obvious the injuries were far too serious to save the hedgehogs life unfortunately. It was explained to the lady as gently as possible, that the hedgehog would have to be put to sleep and we would be phoning the Vet immediately. She was upset, but the hedgehog was disembowelled and had such extensive injuries as you can see from the photo. (This was taken after the hedgehog was euthanised, not before) We gave pain relief to try and ease the hedgehog’s suffering and fortunately the Vet arrived very shortly afterwards in spite of it being an out of hours call. Just prior to the Vet arriving we received a very abusive phone call from the man who had been wielding the chain saw which caused the horrendous injuries to the resting hedgehog. Being abusive to the people who are now trying to help is certainly not appropriate – he would be better putting his attention to ensuring he takes more care when next using garden machinery. I know we do go on about taking care with garden machinery – when you look at this picture you will see why!! Please, please, please think before you chop down any shrubbery, deep grass, pampas grass, which is a favourite for hedgehogs, dig into compost heaps, remove garden sheds – it only takes a few more minutes before you start work and could prevent another hedgehog suffering as this poor female did!! It’s extremely upsetting to see an animal like this.

5th May 2023

  • We are looking for volunteers to help with looking after hedgehogs at the rescue.
    If you think this would be of interest and can spare a morning once a week, fortnight or month, then please get in touch to find out more information

28th April 2023

  • The Daily Mirror journalists visited the rescue recently and met our Wednesday Team of volunteers Their article has now been distributed to the Newcastle Journal, Chronicle and the Northumberland Gazette.

27th April 2023

  • We’ve received a bag of Royal Canin Mother & Baby dry food from our Amazon wish list organised by Norman. Thank you so much – that is our hedgehogs favourite dry food and, as we’re now getting new hedgehogs coming in, it’s a very welcome gift.
  • We have received another gift from our Amazon wish list – this time it’s Dettol which we use daily, so very much appreciate the kind thought. No name of the sender has been given but very much appreciate who has been so kind.
  • Our sincere thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to send us items from our Amazon Wish List. Details and link is on the website.
  • We have had a few items wrongly addressed but fortunately delivered correctly. Our address is: Dumgoyne, Harrogate Lane, Longframlington, Northumberland. NE65 8EA.

21st April 2023

  • Christine H, one of our avid supporters has sent us Dettol and batteries from our Amazon wish list. Thank you once again Christine for your valued donation. Another gift from Christine H has just arrived. This time it’s Ariel washing pods which are very useful as we have so many fleeces and washing cloths to keep clean daily. Thank you so much for your generosity Christine.
  • Our thanks to Debbie, staff and customers at the Turks Head Hotel, Rothbury for their very generous donation. We are very grateful to you all for your continued support over the years.

8th April 2023

  • Last year the children at All Saints School in Morpeth had a fund raising event for us and have done the same again this year and raised over £130 for the hedgehogs. That is absolutely amazing and a very big thank you to all involved for raising so much for us. It’s wonderful to see young people taking such an interest in their environment and getting involved in helping one of our very important, endangered animals.
  • Today we received a large box of Whiskas poultry in jelly from Tracy S, who we know has also supported us on many occasions previously. Very, many thanks Tracy for a very welcome gift from our Amazon wish list.
  • We had a surprise visit from one of our previous volunteers who, due to working commitments, isn’t able to help on a regular basis at present unfortunately. In spite of being extremely busy, Richard has raised £260 for our hedgehogs which is fantastic. Thank you so much Richard – we really appreciate your continued support for the hogs. It was lovely to see you again.

30th March 2023

  • We’ve received a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly from our Amazon wish list and would like to thank the person who has so kindly sent us such a welcome gift. Unfortunately, as often happens, no details were attached to the gift.

27th March 2023

  • Sue found a hedgehog which sadly, had been killed on the road and felt she could do something positive by sending us a donation from our wish list. A very kind thought Sue and very much appreciated getting the heat pad and F10, which has arrived safely. Thank you.
  • May we please remind people, at this time of year hedgehogs are just coming out of hibernation and will be very sluggish, until they can replenish the fat reserves they’ve lived on during the Winter months. Please be extra vigilant when driving at night and try to prevent any further deaths. It would also help if people would put out food and water at night which will give them a better chance of recovering from their Winter sleep.
  • On Saturday 1st April Dawn will be at the Warkworth Memorial Hall between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. for an event called Gardening with Nature. Dawn will be very happy to talk about her involvement with hedgehogs and answer any queries you may have. There will be lots of lovely things to see and you’ll go home with many ideas about making your garden hedgehog friendly. After all, the hedgehog is well known as the “gardener’s friend” with very good reason. Hope we’ll see lots of you there and you may also have great ideas we hadn’t thought about!

16th March 2023

  • We never expected to have to put out warnings about taking care with garden machinery so early in the year, but we must. Please always check an area before starting work on the garden, especially when using any machinery, working in deep grassy areas or under hedges and amongst shrubs. Some hedgehogs may have nested in the compost heap so please take care when removing the compost. It only takes a few moments and they could be crucial to saving a hedgehog or any other resting wildlife, from such dreadful and extremely painful injuries. A great deal of hedgehogs are now emerging from hibernation, some may not have hibernated of course with the reasonably mild Winter we’ve had. Any hedgehogs emerging from hibernation will tend to be slow until they build up their fat reserves again and would encourage people to put out food and water for them which will help.
  • Whilst all the volunteers were busy cleaning out yesterday we received a phone call about a hedgehog which had been found in Jesmond. He had sustained massive strimmer injuries down the side of this face and along his body as far as his hind legs. After being given pain relief and antibiotics we arranged for him to see our Vet and one of the volunteers immediately transported him to Powburn. Less than an hour later another hedgehog arrived, this time from Longhorsley and again, had horrendous strimmer injuries down one side. Following the usual pain relief and antibiotics being administered, we again arranged for our Vet to see him, and another volunteer transported him there. Fortunately the amazing team at Cheviot Vets managed to suture both hedgehogs successfully and they’re both here now recovering. One of the hedgehogs has lost an ear due to the strimmer incident. Axelotl & Laurie have both eaten well overnight, gaining weight and are now sleeping peacefully until this evening when hopefully they will continue making a successful recovery and enjoy the kitten biscuits they both seem to enjoy. Such a painful experience for any animal and so unnecessary if only people were more careful.

14th March 2023

  • A hedgehog, clearly in need of help, was found in Hexham and brought to us last week. The hedgehog was named Mr. Tiggywinkle by some children who, rightly so, thought that was an excellent name for him. The alarm was raised by Alan B who saw the hedgehog had remained on the same spot for a short while and made no attempt to move. Alan’s neighbours, David & Julie very kindly brought Mr. Tiggiywinkle to us and he’s now making good progress. Both Alan & David gave extremely generous donations to the rescue for which we are extremely grateful.

We would also very much like to thank the Tynedale Lions Club who, last night were considering also giving us a donation, and have very kindly arranged an extremely generous BACS transfer this morning. Thank you all so much – .your support in helping these amazing animals is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Tiggywinkle will hopefully only require a short stay with us and, once the weather improves, will be able to return to his home in Hexham where we know all the hedgehogs are very well supported and cared for.

8th March 2023

  • We’ve been given a heat mat and a pack of batteries from our Amazon wish list with the message “Thank you for your continued work. Christine H. Thank you for your continued support also Christine – it is very much valued.

14th February 2023

  • Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Debbie, staff and customers at the Turks head hotel in Rothbury for their continued support. their kindness in donating via the collecting tin helps enormously with looking after our many hedgehogs.

9th February 2023

We are looking for volunteers to help with looking after hedgehogs at the rescue. If you think this would be of interest and can spare a morning once a week, fortnight or month, then please get in touch to find out more information.

  • MADL (Make a difference locally charity Nisa) have very generously donated £300 to help us look after our many hedgehogs. Nisa have been great supporters of the Charity especially through their shop in Alnwick and we are very grateful to MADL for their extra support at this time – Making A Difference Locally
  • Helen M recently forwarded details of how she & her daughter Jocelyn raised almost £150 for our hedgehogs. Jocelyn had a stall at Yetholm Parent Council Christmas Fair selling upcycled fabric lavender bags, rag wreaths and her own felted creations (an amazing array of beautiful items as you can see) and Helen had a plant sale and sold some of their free range eggs. Clearly a great deal of hard work had gone into their fundraising and is very much appreciated. Thank you both so much for your wonderful contribution to our much needed funds.

20th January 2023

  • Dawn sent some lovely photos of Penny, the blind hedgehog, enjoying her daily portion of Lily’s Kitchen Chicken pate and being watched by a robin, obviously hoping for some scraps! Penny has lived in Dawn & Peter’s safe garden for a few years now and is clearly leading the good life!
  • Today we’re received another gift from Christine H. Thank you very much Christine for the F10 and batteries which are most welcome.

13th January 2023

  • The final parcel contained 2 megaboxes of Whiskas with the message “Enjoy your gift from Andrew T” and the other message saying “Enjoy your gift. Love Jennifer & Emily aged 6 and 3” It’s wonderful to see young people taking an interest and supporting our wildlife with such generosity. Thank you Jennifer & Emily (not forgetting Andrew) for your kind thoughts in sending our hedgehogs such a lovely gift. Your parents must be very proud of you.
  • We also received another megabox of Whiskas with the accompanying note “Hope you find these useful from the Templey family” We most certainly do with 118 hungry mouths to feed until Spring when they will be released back into the wild. Thank you so much for a very welcome gift.
  • Amazon were kept very busy again with so many of your gifts arriving. We were given 2 megaboxes of Whiskas pouches and a pack of batteries from Kerri H with a note saying “Enjoy your gift. From Ward 2 Freeman Hospital” Thank you so much Ward 2 & Kerri for your very kind gesture in thinking about and supporting our hedgehogs, especially when this is such an incredibly busy time of year for everyone involved in the wonderful work you all do.

10th January 2023

  • Tracy S popped in to see us today with a lovely donation of £63. Tracy had made some beautiful Christmas cards which she then sold in aid of our hedgehogs. What a lovely thought Tracy and we very much appreciate the work you put into making the cards to help these amazing animals. Thank you.

9th January 2023

  • Someone has sent jus a megabox of Whiskas but no donor name attached unfortunately. Thank you very much. We are going through so much food just now.

2nd January 2023

  • At the end of 2022 we also received a totally unexpected surprise from Spicers of Hythe. With thanks to Angie J who nominated us, we had been drawn as the winner in their charity hamper giveaway. The fantastic Yuletide Splendour arrived last week full of wonderful treats for everyone as you can see. A big thank you to all involved and especially Angie for nominating us – what a lovely way to bring 2022 to a close.
  • Our first gifts from Amazon for 2023 have arrived thanks to Rosemary W. Rosemary very kindly sent us a Scrubber, a megabox of Whiskas and box of batteries with the message “a little New Year gift to say Happy New Year to all hedgehogs including little Sparky” Thank you so much Rosemary – your support is very much appreciated.

30th December 2022

  • Today we’ve received 2 heat mats from our Amazon wish list. The first was from Hayley H with the message “Happy Christmas from Hayley, Lennie and our foster hoggies Woody and Ivy” and the second from Rachael B with the message “Happy Christmas and sweet dreams to all the hedgehogs” Thank you both so much – heat pads are such an important piece of equipment for keeping the hedgehogs warm once they have spent some time in an incubator and need to be moved forward to their next stage or rehabilitation.

23rd December 2022

  • We also received a megabox of Whiskas from Alison H with the message “Enjoy your gift. From all at Morpeth First School” Thank you everyone at Morpeth First School for remembering us at Christmas and also the support you gave following Jen’s visit earlier in the year. Your gift is valuable with so many hungry mouths to feed this Winter – thank you.
  • Amazon came calling again this morning with more lovely gifts for the rescue. Hayley & Lennie sent us F10, great for dealing with fleas & fly strike and some Ariel pods to keep all the washing up to date. Their message read “Happy Christmas from Hayley, Lennie and our foster hoggies Woody & Ivy” Hayley had also made a beautiful miniature ceramic hog which she brought the day they came to collect their “foster hogs” It now has pride of place in the conservatory! Thank you both so much for your continued support!

22nd December 2022

  • Following Tony H bringing us a hedgehog needing help, he then recommended us to the Charity committee of his Company, Renolit Cramlington Limited, hoping we would become a beneficiary when funds are distributed to various charities. A very generous amount has now been paid into our Bank account. Thank you so much to everyone concerned in making this donation possible.

The generous support we receive from all of you is so important in allowing us to continue the valuable work we do with these amazing animals – thank you.

21st December 2022

  • We had a private message from a lady asking for help regarding a baby hedgehog with a bad leg. Unfortunately, on this occasion we could only give written advice and warning the kind lady how difficult her task will be. She lives in New Zealand where hedgehogs are apparently regarded as pests. We haven‘t heard back from the lady as to the outcome. A very kind and caring lady.
  • We were also given a Christmas hamper from Medi-Inn, who supported us earlier this year with a similar box of “goodies”. It contains disposable aprons, face masks, bandages, scissors, sanitizing tables, rolls of sticky tape, surface cleaner, cleaning cloths and a message telling us to have a Great Christmas from the team at Medi-Inn. Thank you very much for such a lovely surprise.
  • We have also received 3 megaboxes of Whiskas: one from Sharon N with the message “thank you for everything you do from Sharon & Grace. Merry Christmas”. The second was from Sharon J with the message “enjoy your gift” and the third from Katie W with the message “Merry Christmas to all the hedgehogs overwintering at the Rescue Centre and Merry Christmas to Carole and all the volunteers. Thank you all so much – people are most kind in their support especially when this is not an easy time as everyone is struggling with rising prices.
  • Andy W also popped by this morning bearing more gifts for the hogs (tins of Esbilac goats milk which is wonderful for feeding babies – that time will soon come round again!) and a tin of chocolates for the volunteers. Andy is also producing a promotional film for our website showing the story of what happens to your hedgehog from when you make the initial call, having spotted a hedgehog needing help, through treatment & recovery to finally being released back into the wild. Andy brought us a hedgehog some time ago and, as he was so impressed by what he saw, said he would like to do a promotional film for us in his professional capacity. We hope to make a start in the New Year and very much appreciate what he proposes doing to help us, together with the gifts he brought this morning too.

13th December 2022

  • A family popped by to see us last week and brought some boxes of Whiskas poultry in jelly, some Dettol and a tin of chocs for the volunteers – a lovely thought and so kind.
  • Many thanks to Kay W who raised funds for the rescue by asking people to donate money instead of presents for her birthday. A very kind thought Kay and very much appreciated.
  • Again our thanks to Jane and Sandra from White Rose Candles. They have supported us for several years now with donations from the sales of their hedgehog candles.
  • Our thanks to so many of you who have kept the Amazon couriers extremely busy over the past few days. Your good wishes and generosity is amazing. Chloe A sent a Sonic scrubber and a megaboz of Whiskas with the message “enjoy your gift” Susan A sent 2 megaboxes of Whiskas, batteries and a Sonic scrubber again with the message to “enjoy your gift” Kim B sent a megabox of Whiskas, dettol and batteries saying “hope these help” Mrs Z Greenway sent 2 megaboxes of Whiskas saying “thank you for taking in the hedgehog we found in our garden, hope she is O.K.” We also received another megabox of Whiskas with no donor information. Thank you all so much – your kindness is overwhelming.

9th December 2022

  • A lovely picture of Skosh tucking into his dinner – we need something to cheer us up during these gloomy Winter days.
Skosh having some nosh.
  • Matt, who has volunteered for many years now and also raised a great deal of money for us by selling his stunning cards, has just donated another £150 to our funds. Thank you so much Matt – your contribution to our rescue is wonderful.
  • We very much appreciate your continued support as gifts from the Amazon wish list keep coming. A 5 litre box of hedgehog biscuits arrived, sadly no donor name given. Some F10 came from Rachel B with the message “sending love to any poorly hedgehogs and wishing you a speedy recovery” – thank you so much. We also received a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly and batteries from Shaun & Carol M with the message “thank you for caring” We also love the caring you all show our hedgehogs b supporting them so generously.
  • Earlier this week a hedgehog arrived at the centre, very tightly curled up and showing no signs of life whatsoever. The hog was immediately put into an incubator in the hope it was in a state of torpor and hadn’t passed away. A few hours later we began to see signs of life and, after a night in the incubator, Scorch was showing positive signs of recovery. He weighs just over 300 grams and was spotted as he appeared to be hibernating in the middle of the garden – thankfully the person realised it wasn’t normal to be hibernating lying out in the open plus, he was very small, and followed the instructions on our website under “emergency” prior to bringing him to us. We now feel more optimistic about his future and look forward to releasing him in the Spring.
  • Hedgehogs are still out and about and hopefully you’re still supporting them with food and water as it will prove difficult for them to find their natural diet with the ground now being frozen. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us when we’re more than happy to advise. There are still small hedgehogs around which, if under 500 grams in weight, will need help. Also, hedgehogs don’t hibernate outside a nest so please keep a look out for any which appear to be doing so.

30th November 2022

Two parcels arrived with the first containing Ariel pods and the message “thank you for taking little Sparky, I know he’ll be well cared for” from Rosie W. He certainly will Rosie and delighted to report that he’s doing well and gaining weight. He loves the Royal Canin cat biscuits we always give them but not so keen on the Whiskas. They all have their own likes & dislikes – a bit like us really!!

The second parcel was 4 heat mats, again from Rosie W with the message “hope these help to keep the hedgehogs warm, thank you for your amazing work and for looking after little Sparky”. Thank you for helping us by sending such thoughtful gifts Rosie.

27th November 2022

  • We recently had a visit from Michelle & Keith T from KMT Building Solutions Ltd who very kindly offered to support our hedgehogs. True to their word, a very generous cheque was paid into our account, and they’ve said they will support our hedgehogs. Thank you both so much – it means a great deal to have your support.
  • Someone has kindly arranged for 2 bottles of Cif floor cleaner to be delivered but, unfortunately, no name given. Thank you for your donation – as always, very much appreciated.
  • Margaret T arranged for 4 Megaboxes of Whiskas Poultry in jelly to be delivered from Pets at Home. Margaret has supported our prickly friends for many years now and we are very much appreciative of your continued support. Thank you, Margaret.
  • We also received 2 bottles of Dettol and 2 heat mats from an unknown donor, similarly a Sonic scrubber, again from an unknown donor, but very pleased to receive your gifts. Thank you
  • More gifts are arriving daily from the Amazon wish list with our very grateful thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously. Today we were given Dettol & F10 from Fiona Wood with a message “thank you for saving my poorly hogs” We are so pleased to be able to help Fiona – we’re in such a privileged position to help these wonderful animals.

22nd November 2022

  • Today, we had a rather unusual arrival. The volunteers were just finishing the morning tasks when Liz spotted a hedgehog walking up the drive – must have seen the sign on the gate!! She was under weight and clearly out when she should have been tucked up in her nest but soon discovered a nice warm incubator, a soft fleece and a little to eat & drink were preferable to being outside on such a cold morning. Vixen, as she’s been called, will now spend the Winter with us here before being released in the Spring.
  • Lesley Mitchell commented on the Facebook page “You always show your appreciation on Fb” – yes, we do Lesley – that’s the very least we can do. We think it’s wonderful that people check the wish list and send items we want, especially just now as we’re all living through very difficult times. Your continued support is invaluable – thank you.
  • We have received another gift from Amazon – this time its Ariel washing pods which keep the hogs bedding clean & fresh. No donor name included unfortunately but thank you so much for your gift.

17th November 2022

  • It was like Christmas at the rescue today as the Amazon courier arrived bearing all your gifts. The first opened was a heat mat from Mel A with a message “Thanks for taking care of Betty and all the other hedgehogs” The next was a tin of Esbilac goats milk from Alison W, followed by 2 boxes, one containing Dettol and the other Dettol & F10 – the gifts were from Clare N with the message “Enjoy your gift. Hope this helps” The next was a box containing Dettol & F10 with the message “We hope these help” from Lucy, Ross & Riot the Akita. The final 2 parcels contained more F10 and a box of batteries. A very big thank you to Mel, Alison, Clare, Lucy, Ross, & Riot the Akita (what a great name for a dog!) and the other two people for whom we weren’t given a donor name unfortunately. All your gifts have been well thought out and received with our gratitude. Thank you so much.

12th November 2022

More gifts have arrived from the Amazon wish list. We’ve received 2 gifts, the first containing a heat mat and a box of batteries with no details given unfortunately. The second, which also contained a heat mat & batteries plus a message from Judy G saying “Thank you so much for taking little Christine into your sanctuary and for all the kindness and dedication shown to all your rescued hogs. Kindest regards to all! Our thanks to Judy & the anonymous donor for your very welcome support.

8th November 2022

More gifts arriving daily from our Amazon wish list. Christine H sent 2 heat mats with the message “For the little ones I have brought recently. Thank you” and the second parcel contained Dettol with the message “enjoy your gift” from Judy G Thank you both very much – we really appreciate your kindness in helping our hedgehogs.

6th November 2022

  • We also received some Dettol with a note “I rescued a baby hedgehog, and it was collected from Gateshead PDSA by your centre, so I wanted to donate as a thank you to you. There is also a goats milk due between 14th – 19th November xx From Alison.” Thank you very much for your kindness in sending a donation Alison – it is very much appreciated.
  • We have just been given a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly for Esme the hedgehog – many thanks to the person who kindly brought Esme to us and for supporting her so generously

1st November 2022

We’ve received a megabox of Whiskas poultry in jelly for which we’re very grateful as we continue taking in so many new patients daily. Thank you to the once again anonymous donor.

NHRT - Registered Charity No. 1152034