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29th May 2023

Today we received a call from an Ashington school as a hedgehog nest containing Mum & babies had been accidently disturbed. Some students were tidying up an area where cushions were stored and, although the cushions had been used a few days earlier and the hedgehog wasn’t there then, when lifting the softest, fluffiest cushion a student spotted the hedgehogs and very quickly put the cushion back in place and called the tutor. Following our instructions the hedgehogs were placed on a soft towel in a box, ensuring Mum was rescued first as she could do a runner and the hoglets stand a much better chance if she is taking care of them. As with any animal, her milk is far superior to anything we can offer the babies. She’d given birth to 5 babies, one had sadly died, one doesn’t look terribly good but we’re hopeful 3 will grow into healthy adults to be released at the appropriate time. Credit to the student and the tutor for acting quickly and responsibly. We managed to get a very quick photo of the family prior to settling them in their new home.

Spring-time Release Sites

As Spring approaches, many of our over-winter residents have been happily nurtured back to full health, a nice round (but not too round!) physique and are ready to resume their outdoor adventures. What our hedgehogs need to do this safely are areas and gardens where we can release them, knowing they have the greatest chance of safety, food, water and health that we can give them. If you feel your garden is suitable, please complete our Hedgehog Release Site Application, and we will get back to you if we think you can help our hedgehogs.

Word is Getting Out

Today, we had a rather unusual arrival. The volunteers were just finishing the morning tasks when Liz spotted a hedgehog walking up the drive – must have seen the sign on the gate!! She was under weight and clearly out when she should have been tucked up in her nest but soon discovered a nice warm incubator, a soft fleece and a little to eat & drink were preferable to being outside on such a cold morning. Vixen, as she’s been called, will now spend the Winter with us here before being released in the Spring.

Morpeth First School Green Team

The pupils of Morpeth First School Green Team have designed a lovely poster to highlight the plight of the hedgehog. They have been following our website page and decided to help with this poster. They also intend to do some fundraising for the charity which is wonderful news.

Here is the poster. Well Done to all of you from Carole and the Team.

18th October 2022

Hand Crafted Hedgehog Gin

Hotspur Gin of Alnwick have just launched a special limited edition hand-crafted gin as a fundraising project for the Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust with a percentage of all sales going to the charity. The beautiful bottle is fully laser engraved and there is also the option to have it personalised for a special occasion or as a birthday gift or just to enjoy yourself.

Andy, the founder and director of Hotspur Gin found a hedgehog at the side of the road and brought it to the rescue immediately. From there he got the brilliant idea to help raise funds for the charity with this special edition gin. Andy and his team have spent a great deal of time working on this project to bring it to fruition and we are extremely grateful to them for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

 If you would like to order your very own Limited-Edition Bottle of Hedgehog Gin, please visit and you can select it from there.

20th September 2022

Horrendous Injury to Hedgehog

We recently admitted a baby hedgehog weighing just over 200 grams at the rescue with a horrendous injury to its head caused by a strimmer.

PLEASE when out in the garden using machines such as MOWER or STRIMMER, check first under trees, hedges or bushes for any hedgehogs or their nests. It only takes a few minutes to do this and it could save this terrible injury and pain being inflicted on another hedgehog. Thank you to the two cyclists that found this poor baby and sought help from a lady living nearby who kindly brought the little hedgehog to the sanctuary. Thank you all.

5th August 2022

Appeal for New Volunteers

We are currently recruiting new volunteers due to the increasing number of hedgehogs we are caring for at the rescue.

If you are interested, over 16 years of age and willing to help one morning per week to help with their care, please contact Fiona by email at

Hedgehog Statistics at the Rescue

Hedgehog Intake by Year

10th June 2022

Thank you for 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have helped the rescue over the past year. We are very grateful for all the donations we have received which has helped immensely in the smooth running of the rescue. Our thanks also to the fosterers who have helped us in an extremely busy year. We are immensely grateful. Also a big thank you to our team of dedicated volunteers who have worked hard throughout a difficult year and without which, we would not be able to operate.


31st December 2021

Petition to make Hedgehogs a Protected Species

Hedgehogs are in serious decline and experts fear that they could become extinct in the next 20 years. An online petition has recently been launched to make them a protected species, and to call on the government to limit activities which may disturb, degrade or destroy their habitats. You can sign up at

28th March 2020

Hedgehog Caught in a Trap

On Monday we had a hedgehog brought into us from Scotswood. A gentleman saw a hedgehog struggling to walk up the road with a large gin trap attached to his front leg. Unfortunately the leg may have to be amputated because of the damage that had been done. We’re very grateful to David who rescued the hedgehog and hope that there are no other illegal traps that might injure pets or wildlife.

11th July 2019

Record Year at the Centre

During 2018, we had nearly 660 sick and injured hedgehogs admitted to the Rescue Centre. That’s the highest number of hogs we’ve ever looked after. Of course, it’s impossible to say whether that means that hedgehog numbers are increasing or whether members of the public are more aware of what they can do to help these endangered animals. Either way, we’re very grateful to all those who brought hedgehogs into us to be cared for – and to all of those who supported the Trust in other ways. We’re looking forward to 2019 being another record year!

14th January 2019

NHRT Celebrates it’s 20th Year

How often do we ask ourselves where the time has gone? Well, here at the Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust we are doing just that, and nobody more than our dedicated leader and Head of the Trust Carole Catchpole. Many of you will know Carole personally but she has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to saving and caring for hedgehogs for the past twenty years and what she has achieved in this peaceful corner of Northumberland is truly remarkable.

Carole started the charity and without her tenacity and truly selfless work it would not exist today. Over the years the tireless and consistent work we do here, which is funded entirely by the generosity of those who donate to us, has been recognised and rewarded in various ways and has gained respect amongst those who have cared to take a closer interest. These rewards are fitting but the greatest reward of all is watching a struggling hedgehog come into our care, be nursed, regain its strength, get fit and well and then stride out into the wilds to roam freely.

To all of our supporters, from all of us at the Trust, thank you for making the work that we do possible and for your continued support. Happy 20th year to all the volunteers at NHRT!

3rd April 2018

Talented Isaac lands our Hogs in BBC Wildlife

One of our younger volunteers has been exhibiting his talents by writing about his life as a volunteer at NHRT and the care the dedicated volunteers give the hedgehogs. What’s more talented Isaac Mills was winner of the Letter of the Month in the BBC’s Wildlife magazine in June. Isaac won a pair of waterproof boots for his letter which highlighted the great care that the Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust provides and also succeeded in highlighting the plight of the endangered hedgehog. Well done all round Isaac! 

29th August 2017

Sign the Petition against Harmful Traps

Get the full story by clicking the link

20th March 2017

Carole receives Honour on Queens Birthday Honours List

Carole Catchpole was presented with a British Empire Medal by the Duchess of Northumberland in a ceremony at Alnwick Castle. Picture by Jane Coltman

4th February 2017

Carole received the Best of Northumberland Prize – Green Award

11th February 2017

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