Help with Supplies

You can also help us by providing some of the essential items that we use to care for the hedgehogs. We would be delighted to accept any of the following supplies:

  • Newspapers which we use daily to provide fresh bedding. Please remember to remove any staples first as these can injure the hogs, as will machine shredded paper. If you can find the time, newspapers torn into half inch strips and then separated and delivered in bags would be great and will make cosy, warm bedding.
  • Thick rubber gloves, e.g. gardening gloves, are really useful as all the volunteers use these when handling the hedgehogs.
  • Large heavy duty plastic bags.
  • Dettol and washing up liquid.
  • Any donations of food for the hedgehogs would be very gratefully received. The hogs at our Centre are predominantly fed on calciworms, hedgehog biscuits, dry hedgehog food and meat based cat (or dog) food that is in jelly. Please do not offer fish based food as we cannot use this with the hedgehogs.
  • Donations are welcome at the Centre (during opening hours).
  • If you can provide any printing services, we can provide you with the leaflets, forms and documents that we use on a daily basis. Help with these costs would be greatly appreciated,
NHRT - Registered Charity No. 1152034