What are your opening times?

9am – 12pm, Monday-Friday, 365 days

What is your telephone number?

01665 570911

What is your address?

Dumgoyne, Harrogate Lane, Longframlington, NE65 8EA

What if you don’t answer the phone?

During busy periods we may not be able to answer the phone immediately.   If we don’t, please leave a brief message and your contact details and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Can we visit to see the hedgehogs?

No, it is not possible to visit to see the hedgehogs or visit the rescue with the exception of admissions. They are with us for care and rehabilitation and it is not appropriate for them to have visitors. Hedgehogs are also nocturnal (awake at night) so are not active during our opening hours.

I’ve found a hedgehog out in the day time during spring, summer or autumn, does it need help?

A hedgehog out in the daytime during spring, summer or autumn is not automatically a concern and there may be normal reasons for this – click here to read more about this.

Can I pick a hedgehog up?

Remember that hedgehogs are wild animals and you should not handle them unless they need your help. If they do need your help do not shy from picking them up and remember their spikes can be sharp.

I’ve brought a poorly / injured hedgehog indoors, where do I keep it?

If you bring a poorly or injured hedgehog indoors it will need to be kept in a quiet spot in a pet carry basket or box, and will need to be kept warm. A little blanket or two for it to snuggle into would be very much appreciated by the little one.

I’ve brought a poorly / injured hedgehog indoors, what should I feed it?

The hedgehog will be very happy with cat biscuits, meat flavoured wet cat or dog food.

I’ve brought a poorly / injured hedgehog indoors, how long should I keep it?

You should keep the hedgehog for the least amount of time possible before taking it to a rescue centre so it can have a thorough check up and proper medical care and attention.

I’ve brought a poorly / injured hedgehog indoors, can I keep it as a pet?

No, hedgehogs are wild animals and keeping it as a pet will shorten it’s life expectancy, make it unhappy and you risk missing health concerns.

Are Hedgehogs common in the UK?

In the UK, since the 1950’s, we have lost over 95% of our hedgehogs. Estimates now show there are less than 1 million resident – David Wembridge, Peoples Trust for Endangered Species.

Is Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust a charity?

Yes, we are a registered charity and our registered charity number is 1152034.

NHRT - Registered Charity No. 1152034