A Day In The Life

Every morning a team of dedicated volunteers comes into the rescue to carry out the care and treatment the hedgehogs need.

Bed Rooms

Each and every morning all of the hedgehogs have their bedding changed so they stay warm, comfortable and completely snuggly in their homes. Some of our hedgehogs have fleece blankets and heat pads, and others a nest of hay or shredded paper to burrow into and bunker down.

Food & Water

All of the hedgehogs get fresh food and water every day tailored to their individual weight and health needs.

Common foods for our hedgehogs enjoy are:

  • Cat biscuits
  • Meat flavoured cat food in jelly (not fish flavours and not in gravy)

Health & Medications

Our volunteers carefully assess every hedgehog, taking their weight daily, making sure their skin and needles are healthy, and checking overall demeanour. They also have the very smelly job of cleaning their poo and making sure all looks as it should.

Medications are administered by specific volunteers and include everything from ointments for skin complaints, worming medications to those little ones who need daily injections on their road back to health.

NHRT - Registered Charity No. 1152034